New Shadowflame..

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Well my fire was banned yesterday.. Ive had him since Feb of 09. R.I.P. lol..

Because of friends, a new character was made today, with the same name. :)

Also, darn right this char is going to rock central tournaments soon :D

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  1. Kris's Avatar
    R.I.P. ShadowFlame and all those other wizards. Good luck rockin' them tournaments! Another Fire?
  2. aliszews's Avatar
    Glad to see someone at least a bit cheerful and not glum because they were banned
  3. Alex JadeRider's Avatar
    This character will rock central tournaments? First time for everything I suppose. Good luck. Maybe someday you can get a tournament win under your belt
  4. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    R.I.P Carlos!
    Though, I'm glad to see you're getting right back on the horse!