Science Center: Check!

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I finished the Science Center today. Really I must say easiest area in CL so far. I only required help on the last boss of the area. Now, that I have all my best equips and such it's a breeze. This is my strategy for the average mob battle:

Storm Blade (30% to Storm)
Elemental Blade (+35% to elemental schools)
Vengance (Critical Chance Boost 20%)
Storm Lord/Tempest

That does somewhere between 2,000-2,800
2,800 if I critical. I did the math and did some recording, 8 out of 10 times I critical. In other words 80% with vengance. 6 out of 10 (60%) without vengance.

Leviathan is highly useful in boss battles. Even if I don't kill the boss with it, I detract from it's attack that it's building up.
All in all loving the Ledgendary Gear.

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