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Updated 2-11-11 at 8:24:48 PM by Bolt Queen



  1. Bolt Queen's Avatar
    tick tock tick tock tick tock
  2. phluff's Avatar
    Well, this works like a normal blog, you talk about whatever and people comment about it.
  3. JoshHawk's Avatar
    You can write about your acomplishments in the game, life in general, questions, concerns, etc...
  4. Bolt Queen's Avatar
    will somebody pull my eye out
  5. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    On this blog, you can post entries and receive comments =)
  6. Bolt Queen's Avatar
    eh nvm i want to keep my eye now o:
  7. Bolt Queen's Avatar
    eh nvm i want to keep my eye now o:
  8. Bolt Queen's Avatar
    ugh i cant find my main quet ;-[
  9. Bolt Queen's Avatar
    yay me! boring UK sever is boring me to death!
  10. JoshHawk's Avatar
    ah, UK server is not so bad, much nicer people so far, reminds me of early days of US version, only thing is missing friends from US version on UK version
  11. Bolt Queen's Avatar
    oh you right when i posted its boring i was lvl 3 LOL its much nicer your right
  12. Bolt Queen's Avatar
    ha any one else luv zim!?
    i dont like him anymore IGNORE THIS POST :P
    Updated 2-11-11 at 8:26:19 PM by Bolt Queen
  13. Bolt Queen's Avatar
    great everyone thinks invader zim is gone forever
    Updated 2-11-11 at 8:26:51 PM by Bolt Queen