1500th Ranked Win!!

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Well I've finally got my 1500th win this pvp season when matches were reset to 0.
I finished my 1500th duel on September 29, 2010 at 6am Pacific time. Here are some screenshots I took.

[B]The reason I have so many losses is because I ranked down a bunch! Yes, thats how many tickets I have as of today.[/B]

[B]These are how many commander hats I have as of today.[/B]

[B]These are how many commander boots I have as of today.[/B]

[B]These are how many commander robes I have as of today.[/B]

[B]My amulet :P[/B]

[B]This is me rocking my stitched grandmaster gear![/B]

So yeah.. I'm a total arena freak lol.. Thanks to whoever took their time to read this and hear me brag. :winktongue:

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  1. winicott1001's Avatar
    LOL, I think you beat me this morning. The balance Wiz with the top hat? Maybe? I got smoked even going first. Congrats on your large number of wins
  2. adiw's Avatar
    Wow, congratualtions!
  3. Magyk's Avatar
    Nice! I would never have that much time!
  4. Carlitos's Avatar
    Thanks guys!
  5. Shattered's Avatar
    Congratz, and btw I challenged you in the 1v1 ladder.
  6. nik3whit3s14's Avatar
    Dang How Do You Do It? Takes Me Forever To Get To Captain =/
  7. Chaos Rulers's Avatar
    woah dude! why would you waste arena tickets on those arena gears again lol
    i would get the arena pets or arena trophies