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Monster Midnight Sprite

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During my crazy Lord Nightshade farming spree, I picked up a Midnight Sprite for my noob Death (now level 17 in the Grand Arena). To check if it was worth leveling, I leveled it to Epic on the Test Realm.


As you can see, this little guy is a monster. He has a bright future, featuring a lot of pet mixing with future Wraith and Ianthine Specter pets.

See ya in the spiral!

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  1. winicott1001's Avatar
    Sweet sprite for such a little package!
  2. adiw's Avatar
    Wow. Almost as good as a Wraith.
  3. as23d's Avatar
    um pass. you know what i am going to say. if not, look at posts above
  4. dragonsoul's Avatar
    just the pet for malitare drake because It would make him kick some wizard butt! no offence everybody