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Evan Makes it to Marleybone

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I finally got out of that wretched world at level 22. Now it is time to move onto Marleybone. It should take me to around level 29 when I am finished with it. I went in with 1,5XX health and around 169 mana. Marleybone is a fun world, except for the roof cruising.

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  1. THE AWESOME DUDE!'s Avatar
    i hate marleybone it was so ... boring
  2. Evan Griffinhead's Avatar
    I love Marleybone because of the beautiful scenery and music. It is also themed from Sherlock Holmes in London.
  3. SDHeart's Avatar
    yes Marleybone is based on London, like Krokotopia is based on Egypt, Mooshu on Japan, WizardCity on United States. Thats' why i really like the game it involves other cultures. Dragonspyre is one world I haven't really figured out what it was based on, um I forgot what GrizzleHeim is based on, but I do know Celestia is based on The Sunken City of Atlantis. anyways whatever you do in Marleybone, do NOT do Kensignton Park! At All! it is way to hard and even as a level 45 i still refuse to do it because its time consuming and hard! if you look it up on a search engine you will find lots of comments that will make you NOT want to do Kensington Park. Oh by the way, if you want a challenge feel free to do Kensington Park but the only way to unlock it is to finish MarleyBone. Goodluck and remember if you think you going to finish as a level 29 then do NOT do Kensington Park. the only thing you get is a not so cool badge and if you are a lucky the rarest pet in the whole game, plus bragging rights... but i advise you NOT to do it.
    -Samantha DeathHeart (SDHeart)
  4. bott254's Avatar
    Sherlock Holmes AKA Sherlock Bones AWESOME!!!!!!!