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Epic Lunar Tournament!

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It's gonna be fire

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Attention all epic Wiz gamers! Qyburn Stellargaze needs your help. The Cabal are going to attack the Arcanum. The scholars have intercepted their plans, which state that they will attack just before the year ends. The Arcanum needs your help. They need to find the most powerful wizard so that he or she can defeat Duncan Grimwater. Qyburn will host a tournament in his Celestial Observatory where he will declare who is the wizard most suitable to wield his trump card: MOON TRAP!

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A maximum of 32 wizards are invited to participate in a tournament on the 30th of December 2018 at 1:00 PM EST, just one day before the Cabal's attack, where each wizard will be placed in a bracket and they will duel. The victor will receive the card and become the champion against the Cabal!

Evidence of the card being in my spellbook:

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