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Old Cobs Hatching Schedule

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Pet Offered This week 1/8-1/11

Daisy~Myth Quint
I. All hatches will be held in realm Phoenix. Look for my hatchery noob ​Ronan.

II. Please make sure to arrive on time (or early ) and bring at least 55k gold & an available timer.

III. Let me know your chosen time at least 3 hours before the hatch, or you will not be scheduled. Times listed are in Central Standard Time.

IV. VM (Visitor Message, located on profile) me with the following form...
(Copy & Paste everything under the Pikachu)

Wizard's Name:
Pet Requested:
Time Slot:
Time Slot #2:

If none of the listed time slots work within your schedule, please leave a visitor message with your preferred times instead. I will do my best to accommodate to your schedule to make our hatch happen.

V. I'll confirm our scheduled hatch by adding you to the table below, so please make sure you were added. You have 24 hours to respond to my vm. After this time you request will be cancelled and you must request again on the thread.

VI. I WILL NOT reschedule hatches with "no shows" unless you message me ahead of time stating you may be late. If you do not show for a scheduled hatch you'll have to request through the threads & wait for me to vm you again.
I will wait up to 10 minutes after our agreed time.

Available Times Central Name Reply page number Wizard Name Status
Monday-January 8th
10:00 AM xenosaber 2045 Kevin C
10:20 AM Ravino 2044 Jonathan Mythshield C
10:40 AM $now$torm 2043 Garrett Song C
11:00 AM DirtyWhiteSock 2043 David C
9:00 PM brianbucher 2043 Logan Wild C
9:20 PM GreenPies 2043 Quinn WinterGem C
9:40 PM sunshine13 2046 flint Griffinhorn
Server error. reschedule
10:00 PM Heather Nightbringer 2048 Heather Nightbringer C
Tuesday-January 9th
10:00 AM xenosaber 2048 Kevin C
10:20 AM BigD123900 2048 Daniel Lifeblade C
10:40 AM Lord Voldemort 2047 Noah Pants C
11:00 AM AzureMage 2050 Jordan Cloud C
9:00 PM MirandRuby 2048 Sabrina Lotuswhisper C
9:20 PM daniellenc 2048 Sestiva MythTalon C
9:40 PM sacredheart147 2048 Alexandria C
10:00 PM carrotchew 2052 Llewella C
Wednesday-January 10th
10:00 AM sunshine13 2046 flint Griffinhorn C
10:20 AM Heather Nightbringer 2053 Heather Nightbringer C
10:40 AM BigD123900 2054 Daniel Lifeblade ​C
11:00 AM
9:00 PM brianbucher 2053 Logan Wild C
9:20 PM Lord Voldemort 2054 Noah Pants C
9:40 PM offbeatwiz 2053 Keira Red C
10:00 PM Yuna 2056 Calamity Nightheart C
Thursday-January 11th
10:00 AM bob falfa 2059 stephen C
10:20 AM hippyowl 2057 quinn giant C
10:40 AM
11:00 AM
9:00 PM MasterGL 2056 Kenneth C
9:20 PM
9:40 PM Yuna 2061 calamity nightheart C
10:00 PM
Friday-January 12th
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
9:00 PM lukespirithunter 2059 Luke Spirithunter C
9:30 PM Alicethenut 2059 Alex sparkle
requested cancelation
Central Name Date Request Expires Reply Page Number
W101Mythpvp50 1/[email protected] (Expired) 2050
1/12 @10AM
1/11 @6PM
1/11 @8PM

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