Fancy's Hatching Schedule ~

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This Week's Pet:
Honey, Triple Double Spark Beast

If you are here, you've probably received a message that looks somewhat (actually, exactly) like this:

Hello! You've requested a hatch with Honey, my spark beast on the triple double event thread. Please follow the directions here to request a hatch. Make sure to follow the rules listed there. See ya soon~


1. All hatches will take place in realm Unicorn Area 2 (if possible, if not then area 1), and all times listed are in Eastern Daylight Time.

2. Please be sure to bring at least 55k gold and an available timer.

3. You must let me know your chosen time an hour before the scheduled hatch, or else you will not be booked.

4. To book a time, please VM (visitor message, located in my profile) me with the following form. Copy the text below, and be sure to complete the entire form. Make sure the time you are requesting hasn't been chosen yet.

Wizard's Name:
Pet Requested:
Time Slot 1:
Time Slot 2:

(The second slot is only in case the first slot is already taken)

5. I do not confirm hatches, so please make sure to show up at your chosen time unless you hear otherwise. I will let you know if your first choice is no longer available.

6. I will not do reschedules this week. Please make sure you are able to attend at the time you have chosen.

7. All times listed below are mostly set. No (well, sometimes) exceptions. I have school most weekdays so I cannot bend the rules for weekdays. Plus I need my sleep hehe

Hatching Schedule
Note: I will only wait 5 minutes after the scheduled time. After that, you will be considered a no-show.

Time Central Name Wizardís Name Pet Status
Monday, November 13
4:15 PM
7:30 PM
8:00 PM
Tuesday, November 14
4:30 PM
5:30 PM
7:30 PM
8 PM
Wednesday, November 15
4:30 PM Wizbreaker29z Emmaline Stormbreaker Honey Completed
5 PM Frenenqer Brittany Blue Honey Rescheduled
7:30 PM atedj0 Nicole Lifepetal Honey Completed
8:30 PM Icy Blackheart Tristan Rainwhisper Honey Completed
Thursday, November 16
4:30 PM MysticPyre Sean Blue Honey Completed
5 PM Wizbreaker29z Emmaline Stormbreaker Honey Completed
7:30 PM Frenenqer Brittany Blue Honey Completed
8:30 PM alb77
Cowan Starflame
Blaze Thunder
Honey Completed
Friday, November 17
4:10 PM Howl Carlos Honey Completed
Saturday, November 18
1 PM atedj0
Nicole Lifepetal
Vanessa Summershade
Honey Completed
1:30 PM alb777
Cowan Emeraldflame
Brecken Unicornstalker
Honey Completed
2 PM
3 PM
Sunday, November 19
11 AM
1 PM

Emmaline/Halfang Bristlecrown for the directions (ssshh, she doesn't know I stole them)
Winterborn for helping me with the table : D

For my reference: S.E. 281

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