taylor's Hatching Schedule

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Hi! If you're at this page, you've requested a hatch with my pet Boots.

Please read all the info below so we can get your hatch completed as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Before our hatch, make sure you:
1. Have had your hatching time verified with me via VM
2. Have at least 60,000 gold, just to be safe
3. Have an available hatching timer

Below are the time slots available for you to select. Please post a comment on this blog post with the time slot you've selected, the name of the wizard you'll be using and the realm we will be hatching in to schedule your hatch. The realm we will be using is realm ORTHRUS! Having you list the realm (ORTHRUS) is my way of checking to see if you've read all the info If there's no hang ups, you'll get a VM from me saying you're confirmed and I will add your name next to the time and date!

A completed comment to this post will look something like this...
Time and Date: 2/12 at 4:00 pm
Wizard Name: Devin WindStaff
Realm: Orthrus

ALL TIMES LISTED ARE IN CENTRAL TIME! Here is a time converter.

*Please note that I will only wait in the hatchery 5 minutes after the scheduled time. If you need to reschedule let me know ASAP! Life happens, I get it Please be respectful of my time and I will do the same!

Monday (8/28):
Date Time Wizard Name
8/28 7:45 PM -
8/28 8:45 PM -
8/28 9:45 PM -

Tuesday (8/29):
Date Time Wizard Name
8/29 11:00 AM Tyler Firestaff - Complete
8/29 4:30 PM Brian - Complete
8/29 11:30 PM Bailey DragonWhisper - Complete

Wednesday (8/30):
Date Time Wizard Name
8/30 12 PM (Noon) Calamity Goldeyes - Complete
8/30 10:30 PM -
8/30 11:30 PM Amber Nightwraith - Complete

Thursday (8/31):
Date Time Wizard Name
8/31 11 AM Robert Darkwhisper
8/31 11:30 AM Blaze RavenRider
8/31 1:00 AM

Friday (9/1):
Date Time Wizard Name
9/1 11 AM
9/1 12 PM (Noon) Tyler
9/1 1 PM

To reply to this blog post, please click the "Leave Comment" button below!

*If you don't see any times that work for you above, please VM me and we can work something out!

For your conveinence:

Date & Time:
Wizard Name:
Our Realm:

If you have any other questions feel free to VM me!

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