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To my Friends and Acquaintances...

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Hey, this is Sarah BattleThief. Just want to let you all know that I'm still regularly active in Wizard101 and haven't fallen off the face of the Spiral!

I've recently gone invisible after hearing news about the new chat system automatically sending out warnings and mutes for safe words from the filter. I'm not one to take these incidents lightly, so to protect mine and other people's accounts, I have decided to remove myself from all activities that require player interaction like farming big dungeons and bosses--or assisting to do them--and pet hatching. I will still communicate here on Central through PM/VM, I just won't offer or accept meet-ups until KI finally revamps their disastrous robo-cop of a chat monitoring system.

You can catch up on this situation in this thread. I hope those of you who are still playing take precautions to protect the integrity of your account.

Until we can speak freely, I'll see you back in the Spiral.

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