Children of the Tree, Raven and Spider

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*Mirage Spoilers*
Just an amusing little theory.

Bartlby's children are- The Ice Giant, the Storm Triton and the Fire Dragons.
-The Elemental Schools.

Grandfather Spider's children are- The Rat, the Scorpion and the Bat. All shadow with other school weaknesses and strengths.
-Arguably, akin to Balance.

Grandmother Raven's child is Mellori is Life. But, is that her only child? Does she have the the Spirit children?
I mean, Bartalby AND Granfather Spider both have 3 children each, so, why would Grandmother Raven be different?
As I asked; what if she has more? Will 2 more random children appear for Grandmother Raven?
Random, I don't really think so.... At least for one. One, I think we have already met. Think about this; Mellori went to Ravenwood and quickly became the school's new prodigy. Not happy there, but thriving in her studies.
Does this sound like something you have heard before? It does to me.
I think, she followed in the steps of her older sister. Her Death sister.
From their dark hair to their spitfire personalities, Mellori and Morganthe do seem to have more than a few things in common, and I think that may include their mother.
What about Sir Malory you ask? I say what about Baba Yaga? They could have both simply been caretakers.
If this is the case, Morganthe seems like a good person to use to get his revenge on Grandmother Raven whom, let's face it, he has good reason to want to torment. This could also be why Grandmother Raven has had a recent change of heart. She was kind to us in Wintertusk, but, oddly, ever since we let Morganthe, possibly her daughter, plummet into the great unknown, well, we are not on her list of friends.

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