All Aboard, Choo Choo!!

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Well, I looked around and thought why not build that mc enfeeble, mc shatter, proof, defy, mc fortify pet for the next blog. So then I had to come up with a pet to put this on and The Lost Pages event is back. I really like the ice shark card from the spellwrit stalker. So I am raising his stats atm then we will start the pet project. I have a first gen and after 2 hatches am at this for stats: (trying to get rid of that top pips of plenty talent and raise stats atm)

will have to train him at night because am using my other wiz that are not gardening atm to do the hatches. Then switch him to a new wiz after to hatch then train the next day kinda deal. So maybe by Wednesday or Thursday we can bring out that Imp from Peanut butter cookies are my weakness and I will have to make a base pet for the mc enfeeble, mc fortify talents.

So W.I.P for now

Keep getting the wrong pet back will update when I finally get the stalker back. 7/6 I have only gotten the stalker back once so far and agility is too low to start the project moving forward yet. Sorry its taking forever, guess I wasn't destined to have this go easy from the beginning.

Well sorry for such a long time for an update but I couldn't get the right pet back for over a month, my mum was very sick and ended up passing away. Been a lot so haven't done much on this project yet. I did finally make decent stats so will start the work of putting talents in. Might go back at some point and clean up pics and just make this look neater but for now a mess is ok.

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