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Well I am not yet ready for mega at all on that life project but thought I needed to make a in the middle post. In whale of a tale I had these for base pets.

I ended up with Unicorn popping when I hatched them together so I had to use power of 3 again.
I got these back:

I am using them as my new base pets. Your probably going "why new base pets?"
Remember were making hatching easier not harder first. Second, if unicorn was popping off of hatching my two last bases together, that means if I hatch one of those onto the new one guess what might start popping again since I had not done power of 3 for unicorn on them yet??? UNICORN

You gotta use your head folks. Don't bring in something that might cause a problem. So problem one solved now onto problem two. Anything but all 5 talents in a offspring trash it. This is where knowing how to read a pool helps.
This one as you can see has all 5 talents in a offspring.

Do we go let's mega it though like a bone head? NO!! Remember were using our brains here. First, I train to teen. If it gets a damage keep it and train to adult. You will notice with talent dominance all your fails will be teen, adult, ancient. So its pretty early on we find out if this fails or not. At adult does it get a damage? If so I don't continue training. "WHY" is what most people ask. I know my first pet back from these two is 100% likely to fail at some point. Why would a smart hatcher train unnecessarily something they know will fail them? Answer is a smart hatcher wouldn't train it.

Just follow the logic people because I know once you see this in action and do it yourself you will be like "AHA!" So my next stop would be to hatch that new offspring if it got two damages by adult with one of the new bases and start watching for patterns. Ancient is the highest I will go at this point. For example: does every hatch get pain bringer at teen or does every hatch by adult get life bringer but I can't tell yet if it will pop at teen or adult. You need to watch this kinda stuff because what if your going for mega and your pet never manifested that talent you ALWAYS see early on popping? You can without a doubt know because were smart hatchers don't waste your time its going to fail.

You need to look and see if one talent tends to not show often. For instance say I did 5 hatches and I got A: life bringer, pain bringer. B: pain bringer, pain giver. C: life bringer, life boon. D: pain bringer, life boon. E: pain giver, life bringer. We never saw life giver pop once, so what do we need to go back and do? Reinforce life giver so it starts popping early then we can move on. Its little things like that, that mess up people's pets. They go its all there let's mega it just to be disappointed. Remember were all about smart hatching though so were on the lookout for these kinds of things to reduce that failure rate.

Another thing to watch out for is say your ready to go past ancient and look for patterns in epic. The #1 worst thing I see people do is this: Pet A wanted talent 1, wanted talent 2, wanted talent 3, wanted talent 4. Pets B,C are exact clones of pet A. The person thinks well I am going to try mega, I have back ups in case it fails. (I call these people "I hatch to fail method", they know its 50/50 they will fail but they just want the project done. So they do it anyways when they are just setting themselves up for failure.) WARNING DANGER, DANGER!! Didn't we just say above we need to reinforce a talent that is not showing early? "Why yes Erin were thinking smart. We want to reduce that failure rate not waste time, energy and snacks." I hope that is what your all thinking at the end of this.

When you get to epic patterns remember you need to see all 5 talents popping on offspring and you will know by then at teen I expect this to pop, adult this, ancient either this or this, epic either this or this for the most part. It has to show on these epic pets (not just taking one to epic) all talents popping. At the end of the day I only take one pet to mega. I may take 5 to epic to watch patterns though. I want you to start thinking clearly like that though when doing talent dominance so you don't go its got all 5, or after one epic pet let's mega it just to fail.

Love Owl-Ways

P.S. Just thought would tell you some of the thought processes I am going through when I do a project in case your up to this point and go let's mega it!!!! Will be a bit before I am ready to show you the mega pet in action because I know those pit falls. So you might get me showing in the future a look at this pet from this project and I will be like, "should we take it higher?" Then I will back up why my reasoning is no or yes on training it.

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