Who Is On 1st Base?

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Ok, so you followed along and saw just how easy talent dominance is to set on pets. Why people think pet hatching is hard I will never understand, but now let's expand this beginning.

1. You probably have met people who go I have this great base pet, it has and they proceed to rattle off 10 talents.
a. your either astounded they had the patience to do that.
b. wonder how to do it yourself
c. you remember these basics now and can go why not make one myself? I have this dominated pet with talents. Why not make 5 of them with 10 different talents and make my dream base pet.

It would only take a little work later on if I wanted to change out some talents O.o

2. You know or hear someone say I have this pet whenever I hatch it with gets my talents.

O.o shocker sounds like someone has a talent dominant pet and just doesn't realize it.

3. Knowing what you know now, can you seriously settle on using hatch threads or group hatching?

Or do you want to self hatch and get exactly what you want every time!!!! Sounds like a no brainer here to me.

Love Owl-Ways

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