Peanut Butter Cookies Are My Weakness

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Ok, so this bit will be a WIP just to show you how easy setting talent dominance really is.

First thing you need to do in any project is break out your wizard city first generation pet. Your probably thinking "um I think Erin just lost it guys", but no there is a method to the madness; so stick with me here. First off crowns pets, bundle pets and higher level world pets have what we call pre-set talents. What that means is most of them have a built in set of talents that will pop at certain stages in development. If were working on a project we need to know by teen what were getting so that is a no can do with those pets. Another problem is some of these pets have some of the worst sticky talents out there in them. You don't even want to get into dominant tower shield card popping and pip o plenty types of pets.

So on every account of mine I have a different wc pet for my base always. Stay away from the cyclops and fire elf, they were recently added and not sure if any of us have checked for pre-set abilities yet. (only note you need on first gen wc pets if myth shot from the bloodbat pops go buy another one until you can make adult w/o it popping up) So I just happened to choose an Imp on the account I am doing this off of so let's get started. I went to my attic because I keep all my base pets and my starter first gen Imp there. Then I went to my dorm room. I keep any set of talents I might want to work into a pet at some point there.

This was my first hatch:

I got back an Imp with Hearty and Calculating so I hatched the new one with the Piranha again and guess what popped?

I now have 2 talents I want, its already dominant in just 2 hatches people. (BTW am crowns acct so don't expect updates for a couple days at a time since its 24 hours in between hatching.) As you can see this method is really cost effective to start any project as well.

Hatch 4: I used a none dominated pet just to raise stats. Will be like group hatching kinda because am introducing 10 new talents to 10 talents. Might take a few hatches for the Imp's talents to win out. Kinda goes back to the base pets only need 2-3 hatches I talked about earlier, we just want a base now with higher stats.
Hatch 5:
This resulted in a ward wrecker and clean ward Imp with higher stats.
Hatch 6:
Hatch 7: Look what is starting to pop in one hatch just raising stats. O.o talent dominance in action is a beautiful thing. Now just to raise the stats just a little more so if I wanted a ward, resist or damage so I could get it full. At this point any off spring by adult that does not get at least 1 of those 2 talents were after trash it.

Hatch 8:

Ok, so I have not updated for a few days because I was pondering in my head. Originally when I saved that Piranha pet I only wanted the ward wrecker talent. So I was thinking should I continue showing it dominated with both talents when later on I will have to sort that out or can I just make the switch to one talent and leave them enough info to do the rest if they wanted too continue two talents. So I decided to make that switch to just the ward wrecker. So what you will see next in between the smilie would be how to continue if you got 2 talents on the pet.

If my offspring got ward wrecker and clean ward from the hatch with Prince Chloe I would go back to the frostfang and hatch it to raise stats. If not, I would use Sir Snoopie to hatch with the offspring until I was able to get that two talent pet back. Then its basically repeat the previous hatches with the new higher stats pet until I get my desired two talents plus the stats I would want. At all stages were are just reinforcing the talents we want to pop off that originally dominated Imp Lady Brandy, so by the time we get our desired stats with the two talents we can say at least 95% if not higher anything we hatch that base will pop those talents within 1-3 hatches. A proper base pet we made, which so many hatchers neglect to do.( If your confused at all still the next blog post "The Proof is in the Pudding" will clarify it hopefully.)

This was my next hatch:

Ok, so for 3 days I tried the frostfang and this new pet together and at this point anything but ward wrecker at teen I toss. I got spell proof all 3 times. So I went back to the original pirahna so I don't lose stats and hatched to strengthen ward wrecker and now its just a waiting game for it to pop at teen for me. You could still go adult at this point but I have done this long enough to kinda have a feel for my pet lines that I know I am not far from ward wrecker popping at teen because the talent domination is there. I just am trying to not reinforce cleanse from popping because eventually I will make this a ward wrecker, proof, defy, mc enfeeble and not sure if mc fortify or heal yet pet.

O and if your wondering why I choose the pirahna over the Imp's it was because I had not done the work of talent dominance, so I had a good chance of not reinforcing the clean ward. If I had used the other two imps I would have reinforced a talent I don't want. I did not use the balance ward one either because that is the first time it ever popped and don't want to reinforce balance ward as well.

I did get ward wrecker at teen so tomorrow will raise stats with the frostfang again.

Hatch 14:

Hatch 15:

Ok so we can end this blog post finally. My stats are high enough and I got ward wrecker. Showed just how easy setting talent dominance is. If you notice the sprite in it. Guess what its not dominate so whenever I figure out what pet to put this talent on, as you can guess the imp will be used because ward wrecker will pop very fast and give it good stats. Then I just need to start with my first gen Imp to add in mc enfeeble, proof, defy, and mc fortify. Will make getting that mega pet I want so much easier.

Love Owl-Ways

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