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Myth's Peculiar Existence and Why It's Okay to be Roleless

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Hey guys! This is Ninja bringing back this blog to life after a long hiatus! I miss writing my thoughts on here and after my monster of a writer's block, I've returned with some good ideas to share on Central. I want to revive my blog after encountering several controversial topics about school roles, but the most commonly discussed is about Myth.

Some background information to those who are not familiar the school:
Myth is a school of magic that focuses on summoning minions to fight alongside the Conjurer in battle. Conjurers also have the ability to destroy defenses with a handful of spells.
Myth used to be one of the popular schools in Wizard101 in its "glory days" (as players call between the years 2008-2010) because of their prowess in PvP and PvE.
But as new updates came Conjurers began to see the irrelevance of their school; their spells were no longer school-exclusive as special utility spells such as Shatter are made available as treasure cards for all players to use. This is what brought the controversy of Myth's "identity problem". Their minions were thought feeble due to newer minions being brought into the game without stats such as resistance and critical block that'll ensure their survival in tougher battles. The randomness in the minions' spell casts also made them undesirable in team-play.
This coming update with Polaris is bringing a new Myth spell "Witch's Housecall" that allows the caster to summon a minion out of the 3 different minions possible with the spell. The findings on the minions' spell decks are found to be entirely focused on specific battling roles such as utility and healing, which was the first time since the Minotaur minion that Conjurers ever received a minion that was built for a specific role. Some fellow Conjurers, however, are upset with the spell's effect because of the "uselessness" of minions this far in the game.

Today I want to discuss my feelings towards the common perceptions of Myth's futility in this community.

First, I don't believe that the new Myth spell will further separate the school from being useful. Witch's Housecall, like every spell in the game, is just a tool in our wizard's, spellbook. When we get a new spell, we have the liberty to take it and add it to our decks as we see fit--we are not forced to use it just because it's the newest attack spell. People call for this spell to have its effect change, but I see there is some use for the minion effect (which I won't go ever, but I may save it for another day). Remember the saying, "One person's trash is another person's treasure?" This is true for this spell as some Conjurers see some value in the spell's minions as others turn their backs to it and call it trash without ever considering its possible uses.
As I explained in another thread, the spell is really helpful for those true Conjurers that like using minions regarding the opportunity cost we always have to face. Conjurers have always been put in the situation of using a turn to attack or summon a minion, which consumes some pips for either option. This spell will eliminate this issue by allowing the caster to attack AND summon the minion on the same round. Talk about saving pips!

Second, Myth does not need to be placed in a specific role. For most of my entire Conjuring career, I've enjoyed playing any battle role I feel needs filling. I can make a disastrous Mystic Colossus or a merciless King Artorius with enough buffing. I carry many blades and shields to play the utility/support for my teammates of all schools. I also have a careful eye on my teammates' health and will skip a hitting turn to get them healed back onto their feet. Myth's "lack of a role" is a positive thing on my book because it allows Conjurers to do what they want without being shouted out by teammates for stepping out of line of their role.
In a bunch of my Graveyard runs, teammates have left me alone to do whatever I like as long as I brought Shatters where necessary and I don't throw the team off their strategy. I love my school for the fact that not many people know what a Conjurer can bring to the team; it gives me the chance to surprise them with my brawn or dexterity, to hopefully change their opinions on Myth and possibly start a Myth wizard of their own!
I don't mind Myth not having a specified team role because of the freedom we Conjurers get to be whatever sort of team player we want to be. I would never want to be forced into a role I don't like, not even if it's my favorite role. I'm grateful that KI has yet to announce for Myth's "reformation". Do I think Myth could use some changes? Yes. Should KI have the obligation for giving Myth a purpose in team gameplay? No. The school is fine the way it is, according to my 6 years of Myth experience.

Third, the cynical attitudes of those that play Myth. I've been seeing a bunch of comments from people saying "Myth is this, but it can't do that", or "Myth has this, but it's not good enough because everyone's using it/or it doesn't go with MY type of gameplay". These Conjurers with this kind of mentality don't look for improvement through innovation on their own and expect KI to solve all their problems. This irks me the most as a Conjurer myself, to see other Myth players expecting KI to just hand out everything to them. They complain so much about the school not getting its own healing spells or whatever sorts of spells when it's easier to find TCs or train spells to accommodate for those needs until KI gives us what we want.
The "I can't do this" mentality is the reason why some Conjurers are dependent on others to get through quests and dungeons that can be done soloing it. They see Myth being sitting ducks, while there are professional Conjurers out there throwing out big punches as hard as a Diviner's buffed Storm Owl. I wish those players could just sit down and think about developing strategies with the spells, TC, and gear they have. They need to learn how to adapt to changes in the opponents' spells and any other game mechanic adjusted and added into the game (such as the new critical system). Only those who are willing to adapt to the newest content will survive the longest.

And that's the end of my post.

TL;DR: If you are a Myth, you should be open to change and seek improvement through your own means--don't wait for KI to give you the spells you need and make do with available resources in-game. Myth doesn't need a specified role to become relevant in the Spiral, it's what you do with your Conjurer that counts towards being a successful team player. Some spells will work for certain, but not all, battle scenarios. Don't be afraid to play around with different deck setups!

For my blog, I plan to write more about Myth, mostly about my own battling strategies that I would like to share to fellow Conjuring Centralians. So if you're just starting a Myth wizard or you're an expert Myth player open to new strategies, you're welcome to read them once they start coming!

Until next time, see you in the Spiral!

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  1. Spellbinder's Avatar
    This is amazingly insightful and you are right on each point. Very well though out and I couldn't agree more.
    I love Myth, but finding the words and argument to defend it can be hard. This, is amazing. Thank you for this.
  2. The Lone Ninja Escapist's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Night Dragonfly
    This is amazingly insightful and you are right on each point. Very well though out and I couldn't agree more.
    I love Myth, but finding the words and argument to defend it can be hard. This, is amazing. Thank you for this.
    Haha! It's no problem, mate!

    Good luck on further questing with your Myth!
  3. DustyCat's Avatar
    Myth is all about having imagination, more so than minions or shield breakers (at least that's what I think .-.) Wish I read this post sooner, it's got a lot of nice points