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Critical/Block System Changes Coming

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Thank you very much for the update!

I truly hope that whatever the critical/block changes are going to be... That it's a general "base critical/block" set fairly amongst all schools on standard gear (dropped or crafted). With the exception of each schools "normal/standard/typical" perks.

I think that whatever the changes are to be with critical, or block... it should not affect those that have gone above and beyond.... spending countless hours and crowns working on pets, as well as spending loads of crowns on packs from the crown shop to get the "best wand, or best gear, etc." which are promoted in-game to increase their critical/block ratings.

For example: If a person buys a hundred packs for a critical/block wand, or buys critical/block/resist shoes from the crown shop, and spends loads on training pets with critical/block talents... they should get what they already "paid" for. 100% is 100%.

In my opinion, "standard in-game gear" whether it be dropped or crafted, should not be equal to, or exceed, gear stats obtained from promotional packs, crown shop, etc. Pet talents are totally separate from gear, and extra boosts that people work hard for, spending hours of their time and money to obtain, should continue to boost over the "standard" gear, etc.

If there are any changes to the system... I look forward to hopefully seeing how the ratings are calculated.

I do hope that these matters are being considered... Thank you very much for your time! It's truly appreciated!

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