Well It's Been A While...

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Hello guys

Last I posted on here was back in January, and I thought I might stop by and give a little time stamp on my life currently (again, if anyone reads these things).

I started sophomore year of high school 3 weeks back, and so far, things are already really stressful. I am taking 6 honors classes plus AP Stats, and just managing to cram in studying for SAT Bio subject test studying (taking it in 2 weeks! reallly nervouss), plus the few extracurriculars I do. I would say I'm more driven this year than last (possibly due to outside pressures from family/friends). My school is extremely, extremely competitive, and my parents (though they don't say it out loud) expect me 100% to go to an Ivy League college (though I have my doubts about that). Anyways, I could go deeper into this but will save you and me the pain, haha.

Outside of school stuff, been messing around on the internet as usual, playing Wiz once in a while (I have like no time for anything, lol). The brother introduced me to League so I was playing that a bit a couple weeks ago, though it can be a bit boring. Though I am super excited for Fall!! Not just because all my fave TV shows are returning (haha you have NO idea how excited I am) but also for the weather (I hate anything above 75. You can see where there may be problems). Everything just seems so pretty, calm, and mellow about fall, if you know what I mean. If that even made sense.

Music wise, I just recently got into more cinematic/neo-orchestal music (check out the composer Thomas Bergersen- he is amazing!) as well as some (wait for it) K-pop. Yep, two opposite ends of the spectrum. That's me. Have been obsessing over EXO for the past 2 weeks (it's bad). Ah well, a nerd's life for little Mac

Anywho, that's that. I might some back here to the blogs section once in a while to post about life and such, but I don't expect to make a full return or anything to routine blogging (I'm just not that interesting, guys! ). Maybe towards the summer I might, I'm just quite short on time. Though that's very far away, so we'll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading (if you even did). Have a great rest of the day/week/month!

~~ Mackenzie

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    Mac can go to Harvard and rule the world while Katz makes a 500 on the SAT and sleeps when she should be studying......
    Tbh Katz I was just waiting for your comment