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Kieran MoonStone - Day 9

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On this particular sunny Saturday, Kieran is going to complete Cyclops Lane like his best friend Valerian. Kieran doesn't have much of a proper music taste, here's to hoping Celldweller doesn't annoy me while I quest.

Private Sweeney is an interesting fellow and quite the procrastinator because he needs armor made in the middle of a war zone. That's really safe there Private. The first goal is to go find a runed skull... this all sounding redundant. Kieran is far luckier than Valerian because it took 3 battles to recover the skull and collect the spades for Rand Taymore. Kieran isn't that interested in music this morning, instead he's going to quest to the glorious sounds of One Piece. Thanks to binge watching this over several years, Kieran is on episode 398. Please don't send me spoilers I already ruined something for myself last night.

Being expelled from Ravenwood is the least of Kieran's problems, the navy headquarters are coming after the Straw Hat Pirates. I'm not trying to ink Keiran's fanboy juices all over this blog, but this show is getting better and better. Whilest watching One Piece, he took down three war horns, eight cyclops, and General Akilles. Lastly it's Eyus Maximus, a few skeletons and then recovering the books for each of the different schools.

During the middle of Episode 399, a random person named Seth FireStone needed help facing General Akilles. He survived barely last minute with 5 health. It was a last minute save from a Balance Wizard. In final attempt to repeat the Eyus Maximus fight, after fleeing to help his new comrade Seth the first time.

Rand Taymore needed new armor of his own after making some for Private Sweeney. Finding ghost shrouds was a hit and miss

I'm starting to realize I have more readers but no comments, so I'm going to pose a question each day that way reader's can reply if they so choose. Sometimes the questions will be game related and other times they won't be.

Do you prefer to keep the colors of your wizard's garments class related or not?

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