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Okay, so this one is a little different than my other posts. It isn't a song, more just a place to put my thoughts.
I have been thinking a lot about clans lately. I was in a clan that I simply loved for about a year. I was really sad to leave it, actually, as lame as it sounds, shed a few tears. It was like moving away. Sure, you plan to stay in contact with everyone, but you drift appart over time.
Honestly, I miss the clan more than I thought I would. It was time for a change for me, and looking back, the expiriance helped me grow a lot. I wouldn't trade any of it, but at the same time, I wouldn't go back.
What is the draw to clans for me? I guess I like the challange, the comradery, and the new things you get to try. Meeting new people that you never have found otherwise.
I have missed that setting enough that I have looked into other clans that are open. They look amazing and I have considered joining a few. It just doesn't feel right yet. I have even tossed around the idea of opening my own. No worries peoples, while I like the idea of desigining one and being part of the work and fun, I never realy liked to head things. But really, to me, that I would even toss around the idea underlines to me my surprising draw to them.
I, in all honesty don't fully understand it. I tend to be a loner and keep small friends lists, but that few hours out of the week and my comfort zone is truly something I miss.

What about you all? What is your take on clans and the draw to them? What things do you seek in a clan? Do you know why? Is there something engrained on us to want that responsibility? To want that, something more, something different?

To my old clan, you are truly some of the best people, and the most amazing around. The one thing I do know is, it wasn't the rules or the stories or the events that made the clan special, it was all the people that I shared it all with that did. The leaders that planned and the times we worked our tails off. The members that helped and goofed with us, making every event worth all the work and bringing so many smiles to everyone. While it was tiring and at times a burnout, it was always worth it. Every moment with each of you is something I will always cherrish.

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