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Valerian SeaSong - Day 8

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I finally saved several crowns to unlock Cyclops Lane. Nolan StormGate is as hotheaded as I remember, telling Cyrus Drake he recovered something from the Dark Cave when he isn't even able to move his legs in that direction.... After about 10 battles I recovered the Runed Skull for him and he was most "pleased" with it. He probably doesn't have any Myth Prisms in his deck because I have to be the one to fight all the Lumbering Trolls. Leave it to a Storm Wizard to do a Myth Wizard's job.

The reason I haven't updated my blog in awhile is because I haven't been playing as much over the past couple days. I had my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. I'm making a fast recovery according to my friends unlike the experience they went through. Even though I'm not 100% normal I'm coherent enough to make it through my classes. I type up my blog posts as I'm fighting monsters or thinking about random things. I started a story on the forums again. I have put a lot of thought into the next chapter.

After defeating the Lumbering Trolls I have to report back to Cyrus Drake to inform him that random students were kidnapped by Cyclops. With the song Lamp Halo by Zeromancer playing in the background, I parade myself through the Commons. I'm ready to get chewed out by Cyrus Drake for "letting students get kidnapped". Apparently Storm Wizards have to take the blame for the Myth Wizards. Good news everyone! I didn't get yelled at he wanted me to run to the robe shop keeper oh this is so much better than Nolan StormGate seemed to think.

As I left the Myth School Neo Geisha by Zeromancer started playing. This is quite ominous... I retrieved Cyrus Drake's dry cleaning and all is looking good for the Storm Wizard of the Century. I spoke too soon, the Headmaster must be informed of the problems on Cyclops Lane.

That escalated quickly, it all started with recovering an artifact to being expelled from Ravenwood. Ambrose has my back though, for now, Valerian could turn out to be the world's worst Storm Wizard. Now as my duty as a student of Ravenwood I must return the Cyclops Lane and help Nolan figure out who M. is. This is becoming a giant plot twist for Pretty Little Liars or something. As I leave the Headmaster's Tower, Dead Is the new Alive by Emile Autumn is playing in the background. Wow I might be in more trouble than expected.

Warhorn fights used to be troubling because of how rare the drops used to be, here goes to finding out if it has improved over time. It recovered the pass after the first battle. And now I can fight Rolumus, finish Wizard City and complete the rest on the other characters.

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