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So, I've got somewhat of a job. Somewhat. It's only around one or two days a week I actually work. This is more of a temporary job than anything, but I am enjoying it. However, I assure you it will not stick. The current job I have (and I will not list what it is) is not what I want to do with my life.
Hopefully, hopefully, at one point in my life I will finally become an animator. Though my hopes aren't too high for this.

I've been writing more lately. I don't really know why. I enjoy writing, but I usually only ever write actual stories when I am in a rare mood. I do write in my journal quite often, though.
I guess you could call it fanfiction? Yeah. I've been writing about an amazing game I have recently played, called the Night of the Rabbit. It's a lovely and charming game. I would suggest it to you if you enjoy point and click adventure games.

I've gotten dark blue highlights in my hair. Though I am aware not everyone has my same opinion, I do like them! Blue is my favorite color, and I would not choose any other.
I had a blue strip in my hair before, but now I have highlights. The strip was a bit of a lighter blue than what I have right now. My dad said he doesn't really like the blue in my hair (which he tried to say in the most gentle way possible as if not to hurt my feelings). Of course it did hurt my feelings, coming from my father, but I understand it was only a matter of opinion and he simply prefers to stick to the old ways.

I'm also getting my room revamped. It constantly gets dusty and dirty, and needs a lot of furniture out since it is somewhat a small room. I'm always uncomfortable in it right now, but after I get a new bed, new paint on the walls, clean everything up and get some furniture out, I'm going to only hope that it is much better than before.

I haven't been playing much Wizard101 lately. Though I do need to prepare a house for an upcoming event in my clan, I just have been too busy to do that. I love the clan and every one of the members very much, but sometimes I wish I could take month long breaks away. That, unfortunately, is impossible.
I'd also continue to quest with my questing buddy, but he happens to usually get up extremely early in the morning and I usually am active on the computer in the evening. I feel bad for keeping him hanging for so long. He hasn't quested without me at all since our last one (which was probably a month or two ago). But I just keep forgetting. I may try to convince him to just go on without me.

So yeah, that's about all that has been happening.

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