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Andrea SilverHeart - Day 7

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I'm officially an idiot... this death Wizard didn't get Balefrost or Colossus until a few seconds ago.... I may have slacked off on finishing the Ice school for her Ice Mastery Amulet. I have two of them and I used the second on my Fire Wizard. During the course of this blog I will post extra information about my previous main wizards before my break... because it's necessary(?).

Let me emphasize this: [B]I AM SOMETIMES A MORON.[/B]

My death wizard is level 82 and is in need of going to the Drake Hatchery for the Bone Drake pet. The issue with this is that I have no idea what areas in Dragonspyre are unlocked with my crowns. Secondly I have no idea why I didn't check for this spell sooner. And lastly, Dragonspyre... come on that's the worst place to do something.

I finished the Wizard City B.O.X.E.S event on my fire wizard, now it's time to complete it the rest of the way on my other 4 characters.

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