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Valerian SeaSong- Day 5

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I'm starting to experience the deathly accuracy of storm spells while fighting in Golem Tower. If I can just get my hands on better gear with better accuracy it won't be so bad. I found a dragon with May Cast Sprite in my shared bank which has helped this royal pain of a tower. The lowest amount I have reached is 45 in this tower. I need to find some people willing to mix pets with me and fast.

I died once trying to get to the Iron Golem, I must say this is the funnest thing going for me. Death, death and more death. I think it's time I farm for better equipment. I can't imagine getting higher in level on this character, Wizard City is a killer pain just in Golem Tower alone. I'm not looking forward to acquiring the Siren spell. I should not have put that idea onto the feedback section of the forum.

Someone in the Commons was looking for Treasure Cards and being the kind of person that I am decided to get rid of the cards I won from Golem Tower. That plan backfired when she rejected my Rotting Fodder and Blood Bat. In other news I got rid of all my non Ice class Treasure cards on all my other characters. Having an Ice Mastery Amulet floating around in my bank is proving useful. I defeated Lady Blackhope soon after my reckless feat in Golem Tower. I skipped over Triton Avenue and went straight to Firecat Alley. I wish I had a storm convert but I don't want to waste my gold on treasure cards just yet.

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