Taylor Hawkthorn

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I feel compelled to post progress on my Wizard so YAY time for some blog posting.

First Up, Here's my Wizard:

And stats as of right now:

I'm also feeling pretty good with my Badge Progress:

Current to dos:
- Finish DragonSpyre Side Quests
- Train pets for better healing / resist pet
- Finish Celestia Side Quests up to Floating Land then continue w/ Celestia

Some progress I'm pretty proud of:
- Doing all Quests / Side Quests from WC - MS plus Wysteria, GH, and WT.
- Reaching lvl 60 for the first time.

Honestly being Overleveled has been making questing way easier so far, although not being able to get to the areas for some spell quests has been a bit frustrating but I'll get there eventually! It's been pretty cool being at the highest lvl i've reached so far on a wizard and makes helping others a lot more fun when I can be more useful lol. Hopefully I'll make progress quickly and can make some more blog posts! :D
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