The Life and Times of a Balance Wizard

I Don't Even Know How to Prism?

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I'm sure there are a lot of people returning to Wizard101 after a hiatus. Mine has been about 4 years now and so much has changed. Four years is also long enough to forget many of the finer points of the game.

I decided I'd play the Death Wizard for a bit upon my return to the Spiral, as I thought, "she's just a little Wizard, I won't do too much damage if I make a mistake."

And so, I found myself facing a Death boss on my second night back. The first time I fought her (maybe him? hard to tell under the mummy wraps), I charged a head and tossed out my Vampire spell, confident in my victory. Not so, of course.

Then I thought, "Oh, I'm sure I've got some Life Treasure cards floating about my inventory." After checking, there was not a Life card to be found there, sadly.

Then I go out, spend some gold at the local library and return to triumphantly smite the boss. Only, I'd forgotten how to access Treasure Cards in a fight. >sigh<

So finally, as I'm searching how to get the Treasure Cards in my deck, I stumble across *drumroll* the Death Prism. Yes, I am such a noob now, I cringe when I log in. But, I'm still logging in.

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