Ryan Skyfriend

Out With The Old, In With The New

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As of the recent update, max stats have risen to go above 250, and it made many people mad because they would have to work and revamp all their pet to be max stated again.
My question to you is do you like change, what are your opinions on it, what changes have happened in your life recently that you like or dislike?
Personally not many changes have happened in my life and thats fine with me. I am usually fine with change if it is not super drastic or it can be beneficial to me. An example would be the change in layout of Wizard101 Central. When the layout changed many were annoyed because they were not used to it. I was ok with it because I could easily readjust due to other forums I use having a similar layout
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  1. lisalden's Avatar
    Changes only disturb those who are otherwise content with complacency,=. I on the other hand embrace it looking forward to each new adventure It is truly amazing what can and does happen when we open our minds to the vast possibilities that can only be brought about with Changes! Iridian Star Exalted BALANCE- Jasmine Jade still young but strong in LIFE- Saffron Shadowsong bringing the STORM- Tatiana on FIRE- Brynn believing in MYTH- Iridian Soul with the knowledge that DEATH is merely a new beginning! Cy'a in the spiral my fellow wizards!!!!!