summer lovin'

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hey guys,
so it's been a monthish into summer and things are going pretty well. last time i blogged was in january so it's been a really long time. just wanted to check in with you guys and see how you were doing. a lot has happened for me in the whatever five months it's been. i told you guys about the trip i was taking for spring break overseas and it turned out to be a lot of fun. it was semi-frustrating because of the language barrier, not as many people speak english as you'd think. but all together it was a ton of fun, i got to see so much beautiful architecture and just scenery and the weather was seriously so perfect the entire time we were there.
here's a couple pictures from the trip:

in a weeks time span and covering 4 different countries i have a LOT more but these are probably my favorite. the first picture is from innsbruck, austria. it was a bit foggy but there was a huge mountain behind the row homes. the bottom left is one of the castles near lake lucerne in the swiss alps. and the bottom right is atop mount rigi. i was sad to go but it was such a great trip, i already want to go back to switzerland.
other than that things have been pretty mellow. it turns out that instead of going and doing study abroad next semester i am instead gonna do this internship program after i graduate next year. i'll be walking in may, which is crazy to me, and then after that i'll be spending the summer in washington dc doing a full time internship. who it's with yet is something i dunno but i'm really excited because i love the dc area.
i'm working again this summer for the third year with the same company which is nice. it's kind of a slow-paced work which is good since i am taking classes again this summer. math and theology? nothing exciting but they're both required. i'm kinda iffy about next year. and by next year i mean when school starts back in august. we're staying in the nice apartment dorms this year and we have our own bathroom with a tub. so exciting. plus free laundry which is always a plus. and a dishwasher for the kitchen thank gosh because i hate touching dirty dishes. but idk i'm not feeling as excited as i should? i'm kind of dreading it almost partially because my roommate is a sweetheart but she will not do anything with me, and if she says she will she'll end up flaking last minute. we get along but she never wants to do stuff which is frustrating cause y'know in college you're supposed to experience stuff while you still can. also just class wise i know i'm gonna be stressed. graduating a year early means i have to really pack a punch next year with full schedules each semester which isn't gonna be fun. but by doing that i'm saving like 28,000$ so i'm kinda just putting up with it i guess.
game wise not much. i got animal crossing: new leaf at the end of january and i'm addicted. i've had all the games since wild world and i really wanted new leaf so i just kinda went whatever and bought a 3ds solely for that game. but to add to it i also have fantasy life, another acnl copy so i can have two towns, and pokemon x. then just on and off minecraft mostly. i tried playing WoW for a little and it was fun but i can't afford a subscription game right now. but speaking of games. apparently the next animal crossing game is gonna be for wii u which makes me cry cause it's literally 2 perfect for the ds. but also splatoon makes me wanna get a wii u cause that game looks too cutie and i really wanna try it. maybe for xmas or something.
but yea wow i'm rambling. dunno what else has really happened. tv shows. that's a thing. all my shows are currently over which makes me sad cause i have nothing to watch. but my current loves are supernatural (obviously), scorpion, the 100, the flash, and forever (which got cancelled). i think teen wolf comes back soon which is fab cause i missed it but yea.
book wise i've really been loving this mistborn series by brandon sanderson. it's like.. fantasy but almost in a logical way if that makes sense. there's like natural law to the fantasy elements which kinda makes it seem more real, so i like that. i'm about halfway through the last book and so far it's great.
music wise i really like the collab that justin bieber did with jack , skrillex, and diplo, i aint even gonna lie. but yea.

idk that's it. kinda just felt like typing out some stuff so there y'go.
i hope you guys have a great weekend, i will be spending mine baking cupcakes for the bf's birthday. so much fun.

stay lovely,

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  1. Astraes's Avatar
    dude, i love that collab too! if you really like that collab you should check out lean on by major lazer, mo, & dj snake. its my current o b s e s s i on. (and say my name by ODESZA Zyra is supes good too). nice to hear you're doing well, cas!
  2. Adder's Avatar
    yoooo i love dj snake so i'll def have to check that out.