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i've had the most stressful week ever.
but it's also been one of the best weeks ever.
and one of the busiest.
i've had so much going on so apologies this is probably going to be a long post.
last semester i lived on a dorm that was kind of like a mini apartment, we had a kitchen and living room and stuff. my roommate is fab but we weren't really feeling the whole dorm situation. so on monday they opened up room change requests and we submitted ours and then moved in to our new room on tuesday. so far it's been great. one of the things we didn't like about our other dorm is that they never got together to do anything. so a lot of the time a hall and the brother dorm will get together and do stuff, like go to football games or hiking or dinner. whatever. ours never did any of that and being the antisocial bugs like we are, it was hard to make friends cause there really weren't any of those extra opportunities. so we ended up moving and so far it's been awesome. our room is a lot bigger than the last one, we have bigger dressers (which i'm so thankful for). the location is at the very back of campus but our old building is literally across the parking lot so it's not that huge of a difference. i literally spend all tuesday moving in and i'm still sore.
i've also been doing a ton of stuff for my study abroad forms. i don't remember if i'd ever talked about it or not but i guess i can explain again for the sake of time. so basically since forever i've wanted to do study abroad because i really love traveling and i've never been out of the country before. to be completely honest i think america is great but sometimes i don't really feel american all that much. in terms of school. i'm a huge nerd and i set way too many goals, but i went into college with a fair amount of ap credits which counted for classes, so i was a sophomore by my second semester of school. i then went the extra mile and took summer classes so i would be even more ahead and even though this is only my second year of school, credit hour wise i'm a junior and 70% done with my degree. at first my goal was to graduate a semester early but it became known to me that if i worked hard enough that i could graduate in three years instead of four (or sometimes more).
so that's my goal.
next year is gonna be my last year of college. the plan is that i go to england for a semester, come back for another and then graduate in may with the class of 2016 rather than 2017.
so today i had an appointment with that office, and figured out they added on like 4 new study abroad programs. before they only did it with one organization but now there's like 5. one of them is christian, though i didn't really want to do that one cause i don't think my calling is in missions. the other four were pretty standard. but the opportunity opened up that i could be studying in london at westminster university rather than the original place (which is about 2 hours away from london). i looked at it and even though westminster would be a really great opportunity i went with my original plan. the other university is in a super cute town that's really old. it literally gives off every single cas vibe i can think of. so in the end i ended up with my original plan.
but i've been working non stop to meet with all the different departments at school to get these forms filled out and signed and approved and what have you.
then today..
first video game club meeting of the semester woo woo.
i'm really excited because we're doing extra life again this semester. they did it last semester but i never went. it's basically a 24 hour thing of non-stop gaming to see who can earn the most donation money. kinda pumped for that.
also our uni's minecraft server is getting set up and im so excited.
i've been looking for an SMP server for a while but a lot of them are whitelisted.
so that's cool.
my classes are nice. i ended up adding and dropping as few as most do during the first week of class.
i ended up dropping my math class and adding english, which doesn't start till mid-march. i also dropped my web design class and went with publication design instead since i think that's the direction i'd like to go once i graduate. rest of the ones stayed the same.
supernatural came back this week, the 100 came back this week.
scorpion had a double marathon of episodes. one on sunday and one on monday.
my shows are coming back and i'm so happy. i'm really starting to get into the 100, i think the story line is awesome. really happy they got renewed for a third season.
also spn got renewed for an 11th season and i'm really surprised. i thought s10 would be the last but apparently i was mistaken.

anyways. lot been going on. there's a ton more but it's basically just boring life stuff and things that have to do with my classes.
so yea.

i hope everyone has a great friday and a good weekend!

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