level 10 death pvp experience

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i've been wanting to do some more wiz related posts cause i know the majority of my blog never really mentions it much.
so i thought i would start with my latest, semi complete project.
i recently came back to wiz at the end of november because of a good friend of mine. we started and leveled some chars to 50 for pvp. i wasn't really feelin mine so i was like hey i think i'm gonna make my next char a death.
we both ended up making a death, and he suggested we level them to ten for pvp cause easy breezy beautiful warlord badge yea.
so i guess this is kind of a summary for my level 10 death pvp experience in second age.
gear wise starting out i used the following:
- midsummer's cowl
- jacket of withstanding
- watchtower boots
- level 10 thunder chasing spear (gives balance blade and white pip)
- heartsteel
- rotunda's torc (gives 3 -85% storm shields)
- band of purpose
- onyx dragon with 2-3% universal resist and mc fairy

i used my training points to train balance to weakness, and conviction.

setup wise, my main attack was deer knight (trained) with my side deck including stuff like towers, infal, poison, and reshuffle.

tyler helped me at the beginning since we both used basically the same setup.
it took me a while to get used to playing at a lower level, i've never gone below 28 normally and i also haven't pvped on death in a couple years. got the hang of it pretty well though. i came across a lot of people who were similar rank/level to me and didn't really start getting any "unfair" matchups till i hit commander but even then it wasn't anything i couldn't really handle.
opponent wise..
i pvped a LOT of myths. most of them used orthrus though i don't think i was ever killed by one. i also pvped a lot of non balance schools that would judge.
i also pvped a lot of random schools that were heavily reliant on a one hit KO triton, which is where those storm shields came in handy. i prevented a lot of lost matches because of that amulet.
the thing i came across most often that i thought was kind of unfortunate was that a lot of lower levels seemed to rely on that one high level treasure card that usually wouldn't kill me.
and then they were left with no attacks.
i think i only came across one other death. had a fair amount of people flee when they saw me reshuffle.
attack wise was pretty simple. blade, infal, and deer. poison if they had death shields. relatively to the point, not many people had any defenses against death so wins weren't hard to come by.
the one school i did have trouble with was fire, just because they were DOT based and the only thing i really had against that were 3 weakness and a couple shields if i got lucky.
anyways. record when i got to warlord was 33-8 which i guess is relatively decent for my first time at a really low level. ty's record was 36-2, which is pretty chill since he's op anyways and came up with the setup.
had just enough tickets when i hit warlord to get my commander boots. did tournaments to get my robe, still doing tournaments for my hat.
i thought my experience overall was pretty good actually. i didn't really think there were a whole lot of unfair match-ups. the highest level i ended up pvping was something above 35 or so. i did feel bad for the occasional level 5 whose rank was lower than mine, but the matchup system has never been perfect anyways.

so yea. bit of rambling. didn't think to try and go into too much depth cause sometimes that can be boring but if you have any questions you're free to post a comment!
though don't ask me for my deck setup, ty was nice enough to let me use his so i'd rather not post it without asking him first.

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  1. Lettuce's Avatar
    150 yeh? lel
  2. Astraes's Avatar
    i have a level 25 death, and i must say i dont particularly like the pvp - though its relatively similar to ice. i wasn't all that great at it (lol) and quit at commander. she has all her gear though, but im just kinda meh towards the school in the actual /pvp/ .
    your play style sounds similar to mine, so it may have just been me as a death wizard myself. i think im gonna level her to 100 because i love the spells.
    Updated 1-19-15 at 12:10:44 AM by Astraes