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Small Little Update

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Yo, my fellow Centralians. I've jabbed some exams to finally be posting here on what's up.

Last Saturday I finally decided to give in and spend my training points on my first Sun spells, Sharpen Blade and Potent Trap. It feels great to have these spells now that there is going to be a new Myth AoE coming soon to live realm, since I need to get the most out of that spell when I get it.

But Ninja, why did you wait so long to get those spells?

Well, strange blog lurker, I had to do a lot of thinking before I made this investment. I had several reasons why I didn't train these spells earlier when Azteca was fairly new:

  1. Enchantment updates: Since KI created Star spells at the same time with Azteca that seemed to be improvements of the Amplify spell, I believed that there would be a new set of spells that would replace Sharpen Blade and Potent Trap. I waited for 2 years to see if anything new came up, before going back to research the spells again.
  2. Treasure card alternative: When given the option to train Sun spells, I only used their treasure card alternatives as I can easily obtain them from the bazaar or enemy/gardening drops and save my training points for future spells. As I noticed, TC like Colossal are really difficult to come by. I don't have the time to go seeking for seeds that reward them and I don't feel like fighting 20k health bosses for a chance at winning TC. I only have 4 Sharpen Blades and 4 Potent Traps in my possession that I was intending to keep for special occasions. But later on I've been finding myself in situations where my farming group wants me to toss out a Sharpened Myth/Spirit blade, assuming I trained it. I had some close calls where I instead used a TC version of Spirit Blade to hide the fact that I didn't have the enchantment. But when they found out, I get lectured about it--this is including Colossal.
  3. Deck space: One of my main reasons against training the spells was because of deck space. I was worried that I would waste this investment if I didn't know how to reorganize my deck to make room for these additions. Last week I took the time to check my KH deck to see which spells I can remove to make space. Had a bit too many Mythblades and traps, and other goodies until I figured out how to make the setup work.

So there you have it. My first Sun spells will be my last additions from that school for a while. I still won't go through the trouble of training the buff enchantments since the TC versions are plentiful in the bazaar and around the Spiral (except Colossal though)--in fact the TC ones add more damage to attack spells than the regular ones.

Hopefully now that I have Sharpen Blade and Potent Trap, people will stop bickering about my reluctance to train spells. Here's to a great change! *clinks cup with everyone*

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