Why I love Halloween in The Spiral

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Well, Halloween arrived recently in The Spiral, and I must say I am pretty excited! I recently got back to Wizards, and got into gardening when I did. As some of you may know, many gardeners love Halloween as it provides us with an opportunity to collect gardening treasure cards, as well as Dead Beets! These items are only available during Halloween, so I am trying to get my fill while I can.

For those of you who are not aware, Dead Beets drop the rare, and coveted, Deadly Minotaur treasure card. This card packs a serious death-punch, and like the Myth Minotaur, does an initial hit to remove any shield that may be in place. They also drop Dr. Von's Monster card, which is pretty rare in the Bazaar.

Halloween also brings back the Nightmare Card packs. While I am not interested in buying these packs, I do love that Brown Spiders and Death Bats are now showing up often in the Bazaar. If you do not know why these cards are so great, I encourage you to check it out!

So that is about it in a nutshell. I am not wanting for any of the holiday themed items, but I sure am excited about the cards that become available during this holiday. I now have over 100 Dead Beets. My skin is starting to get rather pale though from spending so much time inside that cave....

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