Sha Na Na

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Well a thread today got me in the mood for oldies and my favorite band in the history if bands. I have to explain my childhood a bit though, I was born in the 80's but my dad is eternally stuck in the 50's. So what shows and music did I get to watch and hear as a kid? Old stuff.... We could not even listen to our own music out loud unless it was the fifties. So of course I listened to the good stuff (the 60's and 70's were strictly forbidden in the house according to my dad its the worst thing ever made).

Well anyway we had beta tapes with this show called Sha Na Na. I watched every show probably over a hundred times as a kid and was just in love with this group. They never wrote a song of their own but sang other people's songs and did little skit's. I have even seen them in concert probably a dozen times. I am a huge Sha Na Na geek. So here is a Sha Na Na video to show the rest of the world and btw Jhonny was my childhood crush.

They are still around today just not all the members if the group. Bowser if you listen to SIRIUS radio the 50's on 5 you can hear him. I even saw Bowser at the fair once with another group called the sharks, have a autograph and everything.

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