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Interview with Tournament Master Nick S.

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K so he's been a good friend of mine for a while so I thought it would be fun to have a talk with him and post it here on central for people to learn more about him :) (Will include wiz facts and pop culture)
Here we go:

Me: Okay Nick out of all your characters so far on wizard, which is by far your favorite to use?
Nick: I'd have to say fire, he was my first tournament winner, character etc.

Me: What made you start to play wizard101?
Nick: I was actually checking it out for my kids and saw it on Disney Channel lol. Played through the free version and got hooked basicly.

Me: What is your favorite song or musical arist?
Nick: Haha sorry Dap, I think I'm too old so I have no idea. Big fan of old school hip hop and 90's era music I guess lol. I like people who keep music fun :)

Me: If you could go on a date with one movie star in the world who would it be?
Nick: I have my wife so no need but I dig blue eyes and dark hair so Megan Fox :) (Valdus put me up to this)

Me: If you could have any other position job on Wizard101 central besides tournament master what would it be?
Nick: No other, PvP is just wonderful so I love sticking with what I have. I don't like moderating but Jester totally rocks. Honestly I'm just there so PvP because of all it's people.

Me: If you could be another person for a day who would it be and what would you do?
Nick: Daniz for sure (Dani if you're reading this he's trying to make your day) I would say "lolz" and bolt Digby and Talon.

Well there you have it guys, Nick S. for you LOL. Valdus WildThorn is next so watch out :) Cya guys.

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  1. Nick's Avatar
    LOL thanks Dap. :P
  2. Proserpina's Avatar
    LOLZ....nice Dap
  3. Proserpina's Avatar
    BTW....being me for a day WOULD totally be very fun to be me......just saying.
  4. Mr. Funny Man's Avatar
    Rofl nice one Daniel :d