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The Nightmares of Questing #2 Death

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Yes, another blog post to do with questing. More specifically, a death wizard.
Somehow, I have doubt that anyone would really be interested enough to read this, but yet I am still typing up this blog post.

If you haven't already, you might want to read the first one by clicking

Last time, my death achieved level 42, finished Mooshu, finished Grizzleheim, just beginning Wintertusk.

This time, my death had gotten to grandmaster, level 50. I finished the level 35 quest for dark pact, finished Wintertusk, got scarecrow, but haven't yet begun Dragonspyre yet.

At first, I had procrastinated on questing my death. It was boring. Dull. I was using my second account to quest, my level 78 ice wizard. And I was still bored. Tired.

And yet I still forced myself to finish Wintertusk, and so I achieved grandmaster, level 50, upon finishing.

I honestly don't know why I'm even bothering to level up a death wizard seeing as how I hate questing and am beginning to lack interest in Wizard101, but I still did it.

Why? I had nothing else to do.

Although I suspect that my questing won't go on much longer, as I mentioned, due to a declining interest of both Wizard101 and Wizard101 Central, which is why I'm not posting as much anymore.

I have other games, one in specific, that I find much more fun, entertaining, and has a better forum community in my opinion.

I don't necessarily dislike Wizard101 nor this site, I in fact have many good memories with this site, my interest for the game is merely declining, but for now, out of sheer boredom, I'll see how long I can quest my death before rage-quitting/getting bored/other random reasons.

So, yeah, I'll probably make another post in a few days, but no promises. For now, I'll post a few more pictures of me during questing.

Death wizard learns how to summon scarecrow.

Picture during a Wintertusk cutscene.

A coven member tries to prevent the gathering of the golden seals, which are supposed to prevent the Everwinter that the Coven wishes to bring to Grizzleheim.

Save the world, and you get extra credit as a reward for all your efforts and hard work.

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