My Glorious Rant

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I can't even push myself a little bit to read past the first page. It's ridiculous how many people are complaining. If this is true, I'd be perfectly fine with it (even excited because it sounds cool to me). Here's what I think about this: Pirate101 and Wizard101 both take place in the Spiral. So I mean... why can't they have a crossover? And if it does happen, it's not like it's going to affect you personally. It's probably just going to be a world (maybe less, even). Also, it's not like Pirate101 is going to sneak into Wizard101 like a virus and turn everyone into pirates (seriously). It won't take over the freaking game. Also, my opinion about complaining about fishing: First things first, and I emphasize this heavily, it's optional!!! You don't HAVE to garden, craft, fish, train your pet or anything. You don't HAVE to do pvp or pet derby. You don't even HAVE to do anything, really. It's all a matter of what you WANT to do. I, personally, think fishing is a really cool idea. I tried it in the test realm and (though it was aggravating at first), it was a lot of fun. So I'll most likely be fishing in the live realm as well. But then I don't like to do pvp or garden. It's my choice as to what I will and won't do. So seriously; quit complaining because you don't even have to do it! It won't ruin the whole game at all! "BUT IT'S SOOO BORING!" Again, don't do it if you don't want to. And don't ruin it for everyone else. That is my opinion on this whole matter. I embrace it.
Quoted from the Pirate101/Wizard101 Crossover thread.

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