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It's what we've all been waiting for..SUMMER!
A lot of things have happened since I made my last blog post, I have chosen my 7th grade classes-which consist of three high school classes and my favorite class EVAR-orchestra<3. I'm hoping to get to 1st chair cellist, since we started about five weeks before school got out and I started out in 8th (we started out where we sat before don't judge) I was only able to get to 4th because we could only do challenges 2 times a week and blah.
So this Summer started with me taking care of my friends bird, and since I also have my bird its a little hectic between them. My friend is in London at the moment, and she says they get to rent ponies at Hyde Park. I'm jealous..
My parents got me a Rosetta Stone kit for French and I'm so excited :D I love the culture, and I hope to visit Paris one day. I'm going to start reading the Hunchback of Notre Dame soon, so I hope that'll be good.
So back to orchestra I'm going to a camp this summer where you get to make a string ensemble and yay. much excitement /o\

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