Here's To Not Being Ashamed

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Many people still don't know this but I am A FEMALE. Here's my story. I know I included it in a past blog post:
My old name was Cow King 137 because at the time of my account's creation my main character was male.
I'd wanted a name change for the majority of the time that I've been on here because of this reason. By changing it to a wizardly surname, I can really be identified as a boy or a girl.
But here's the thing. Not all of my characters are male. Most of them are actually female. On my first account, I have two characters named Hannah which is my real name. I have another girl on there too. And then I have three guys (each with different names). This shows that I like to have diversity in the games I play. I don't like being restricted to only trying one thing. And if being different means playing as multiple genders, then I'm gonna do it.
Also, I'd like to add, every single one of my second account's characters are girls.
Some people on here do know my real gender. Some found out through my status on multiple occasions. Some I hinted. Some I flat out told or admitted. Some saw my other blog post. But I want to make this perfectly clear.
Also, I'd like to point out for those of you who think it's odd, that there are definitely other members who admit to themselves being the opposite gender than what they play.
I'm just going to flat out say it now: I'm going to try to be identified as a girl here and not be self-concious about it. This is my confession and I'm not ashamed.

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  1. Lacrymosa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by crystal breeze
    Also have you been listening to Here's To Never Growing Up recently?
    Lol nah. Just 'Here's To...' sounded appropriate for the topic.
    Also I figured you assumed I was a guy because everyone does. There's just a select few that have found out before now. But that's why I did this entry :P to show the truth