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The Noob Diary

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I'm starting this noob diary today for the heck of it. On May 14, I spent some time thinking of how best to prepare myself for finishing an entire account to max wizards or close to max wizards. Before I introduce my weaker wizards I want to show everyone the progress that has been made on my stronger wizards.

What many members here don't know is that my original account was banned for a hack which I banned on my own terms. I started a new one last year and finished a Fire Wizard with the help of a few friends, CelticCentaur203 and EpicGamer203.

Rowan FireHeart the Promethean Pyromancer


Andrea SilverHeart the Transcendent Necromancer


With two characters complete I want to open my mind to why other players choose the other schools they want to use throughout the game. So I decided to create four friends to add to my online virtual reality. Let me introduce to you the noobs of a lifetime.

Kieran SeaSong the Initiate Diviner


Thomas RavenBlood the Initiate Sorcerer


Ryan DreamCatcher the Initiate Theurgist

Rylee BlueStone the Initiate Thaumaturge

If you want to add them to your friends list feel free to let me know. Also say 'hello' in game if you ever see me around. I will post game updates fairly regularly. Also I will attempt to make a trailer video about my wizards for the heck of it.

[FONT=Century Gothic]The names I chose are based off of various things I like:[/FONT]

[FONT=Century Gothic]Kieran is Gaelic for Black. (I like Gaelic names). Sea Song meaning a sea chantey. Sea chanteys were sung by laborers on merchant trading ships. No one knows for sure when chanteys were first used however they became prominent around the American Civil War. This name isn't as exciting as the ones to follow.[/FONT]

[FONT=Century Gothic]Thomas is Hebrew for Twin. I like this name not for its meaning but for a musician like by the name of Thomas Youngblood from Kamelot. (Yes Kamelot is a metal band.) Young sadly wasn't an option in the name selection so I chose something a little more grim for this balance wizard. However the actual reason I chose Raven was from Norse mythology.[/FONT]
[FONT=Century Gothic]According to Norse legend, Odin was always seen with two ravens. Hugin who represented power of thought and active search for information. Mugin, the other raven, represented the mind and its ability to intuit meaning rather than hunt for it. Each day Odin sent out these ravens and they would soar over the land. By nightfall the ravens would return and tell Odin who they spied on and what they learned from these journeys. Odin was often times referred to as the Raven God. His daughters who are called Valkyries, would transform into the ravens. Valkyries would go into a battle and whisper to the souls of the fallen Norse warriors to take their souls to Valhalla.[/FONT]

[FONT=Century Gothic]Ryan DreamCatcher has connotations to Gaelic origin and a Native American legend. Ryan means "king" in Gaelic. DreamCatcher is an item created by the Ojibwe people of North America. The Ojibwe are referred to as the Chippewa Indians. The storytellers from this tribe told stories about a spider woman named Asibikaashi and she took care of the people of the land. When the Ojibwe Nation had extended beyond the homeland the spider woman couldn't communicate with the children. Women and elderly woman would weave magical webs for the children and they called them dreamcatchers. These willow and sinew lined hoops would filter out bad dreams and only good dreams would enter the minds of these children. When the sun would rise in the morning the bad dreams would be caught in the web pattern of the dream catcher and burn by the sun's rays. The good dreams would filter through the web and fall through the feathers landing onto the child to give them peaceful dreams.[/FONT]

[FONT=Century Gothic]Rylee is of Irish decent meaning "valiant and courageous". Blue Stone is an American electronic pop group that formed in 2006.[/FONT]

(I will post screen shots after I edit them)
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