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I decided to try a friend's pet method out and will show my progress on it. I think its fun to switch things up at times and I thought why not try Sophia's method. I always told her one time I wanted to try it. So this is the guide I am basing my work off of.


GOAL: make a quint ice damage pet preferably on a ice bird.

So from reading it, I used a unicorn instead of a fire cat, I think its very cute so I went with looks. I totally believe in talent dominance and I believe Sophia does as well so with her method. I don't want to put words in her mouth so will use my understanding of talent dominance and what she did to make it happen. I will hatch the first gen unicorn with my ice boon pet. At teen or adult if I get the desired talent I keep it at adult. Then I use the first gen again and hatch pain bringer/ice giver into it. If I get one of those 2 talents by teen I keep training to adult.

Then I believe I hatch the ice boon pet with my pain bringer pet. If I get one of the desired talents by teen I keep training if not I trash the pet. I am using a wc pet because the talents are not established, it will be easy get the talents I want on the pet and second with reinforcement hatching I can make those talents dominant so that I will have fewer fails. Keep repeating process until I get 2 pets with all 5 talents.

MY UNDERSTANDING OF TALENT DOMINANCE: Whether you use a first gen with known talents that will show or you happen to have a decent whatever pet you want your talents on. These pets were made with some sticky talents or undesirable talents that in all likelihood will show time and time again. These unwanted or undesirable talents will make the pet project go slower and take more time and energy to get around. So by only training pets with the talents you want in the gene pool, and then only hatching ones that get talents you want manifested over and over. Your helping your chances of getting desired talents quicker and easier. Lessening your fails as well.

So when I do this process using a wc pet. Its very much like how I go about pets but with some finesse. I usually do a brute force method where I only use adult pets with a combo of my 5 talents and then cross hatch them until I have a ancient set of pets with those talents then cross those until I make another set of 3 adult pets then those 3 adult pets get made into my perfect one. It only uses dominance as well but I go through a lot of money and snacks before I get talents to show and I worry about stats from the very beginning.

So with Sophia's method. The talents are very easy to move around because the pet has no set per-dominance. I will only train up pets that first get a desired talent to cross over on the new pet. Insuring I don't waste time training something that would fail. Second, when I try to combine talents. I will trash anything but a acceptable offspring. If a desired talent doesn't cross over to the offspring its not trained. If I do get desired talents but I get a unwanted; I am able to go back and easily cleanse that undesirable out because nothing is set in stone or sticky you might call it like other pets can be at this point.
The pet will show what I want quicker because of the none determined talents in the mix.

First hatch:

This was my second hatch to get ice giver in the pool. Sir Leo was my offspring, with ice boon at adult.

So after 2 hatches I got ice boon and pain bringer now. If I read the guide right I hatch my 2 unicorns together and at teen if I get one of the talents I train farther. If not I trash and hatch again once my timers cool.
Hatch three:

At this point I have to say getting talents on a first gen is quite easy and to get dominance early is very cool. I think Sophia has a great method so far. Looking at the pool I probably should not have trained it since I lost ice giver but pain giver was possible did not know ice dealer was in it. This was my result:
So I will now hatch my ice boon pet tomorrow with this one and work with it until I am able to make a ancient one of these with 3 talents wanted.

Hatch 3 gave me a fail was not trained.
Hatch 4:

Result of hatch:

wow just wow 4 hatches in and the goal of getting one ancient pet with 3 talents is done. Now once the timers cool will start using that first gen unicorn again and hatch pain giver, pain bringer in.

Here is hatch five on the ice damage talents and I wonder if there is a limit on pics I can put in this or if I will have to make a winging it part 2 and 3 at some point.

this was the result and hatch 6
It has pain giver and bringer in the pool so I did that back up hatch and am training it now to see if ice giver or dealer shows at all. If I get ice giver or ice dealer to show I will take I have my second pet done transferring talents.This was the result
so I guess I got excited and took it to ancient before I should have O. o o well tomorrow will use this one and hatch it with ice giver one and see what shows.

well I had a second fail but my third attempt gave me this woot woot! Guess I will have a third base pet in the end to work with instead of 2 but will try and not use this one unless I need to.

Well I failed for about 2 weeks hatching everyday to get pain bringer and pain giver. So I went back to the first gen unicorn and hatched in pain bringer again then used that third ancient pet and took a new one to adult this morning and finally got my 2 pain talents

Since I did fail for like 2 weeks (I got wise, calculating, ice giver, ice dealer a ton) I thought instead of going ancient like Sophia's guide did this one would stay adult. My fails were against lord bear and queen sydney (Note it does have ice giver and ice dealer in its pool).

So now my goal is to raise the ice birds stats to 245 or higher then transfer in the ice talents. So I will end winging it part one here and start once the timers cool showing progress on the ice bird and I guess a winging it 3 will be transferring ice talents in once the stats are high enough.

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