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"Isn't something missing?"

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So recently I discovered Nightcore on Youtube which were songs that are sped-up in melody and were usually higher pitched than the original songs they were taken from. I was listening to my favorite songs last Saturday to see how good they were until I stumbled upon Evanescence. I wasn't too surprised that my favorite artist has been Nightcored and checked out some of the songs.

Shortly, I came to one of the songs I haven't listened to since high school, "Missing". Now the Nightcore version was amazing...but now I feel dejected. This song brought me back memories of when I used to listen to it a lot. This was the third song I ever listened to that would make me depressed (first was "Someone To Die For" and second was "Untitled [How Could This Happen to Me?]"). I recalled liking the song because it reminded me of my emptiness in the real world, all the friends I had known were gone because of our separate ways and due to my timidity I just let every one of them go.

"Missing", in my own interpretation, was about abandoning the friendship with somebody who was thought at first to be your friend. But after some time, you and your friend became distant as there are new people or priorities to attend to. Eventually, you've been forgotten. This song was a lament of saying those last words to your friend--although they might not remember you or hear you say them, these words were useless and you definitely know it but you didn't care that you are telling them in vain.

This song brought back my fear of desertedness, being completely neglected by my loved ones and people I've own throughout my life. I'm afraid of such a thing happening because it would be like I've been erased from the world. I want to avoid it yet I've grown up to be used to being alone and I accepted my isolation from everyone else. Worse enough, I began to dislike and fear people because of how they would judge me and how distrustful they were. I am weak against my own self.

The Nightcore cover really motivated me to continue writing The Escapist's Trial since it describes my wizard's vulnerability very well. In a later chapter my wizard feels that she doesn't belong in Ravenwood after she lost faith in the people she thought she could trust--especially Malorn Ashthorn whom she just befriended. Due to a serious incident, Sarah sees that Malorn was to blame for it.
I could hear the song playing behind the scene where Sarah makes a nighttime escape from the girls' dormitory and Ravenwood as she plans to take Ambrose's Spiral keys that will take her away from Wizard City. The song would be like her internally telling Malorn that she is leaving him, expecting him to not notice her disappearance like everyone else.

Well, I'm not sure when I'll get off this feel train, I just hope this post doesn't depress any of you. I recommended checking out Evanescence's "Missing", the original and the Nightcore version, the lyrics are very emotional and worth listening to. I'll see you guys in the Spiral!

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