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take nothing for granted

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Hey. I'm sure that not many of you remember me, like maybe three or four-ish do but if any of those people may remember my very old blog posts, I would talk about how my mom had a brain tumor. I once talked about how my mom had a seizure on the day of my sixth grade graduation. Anyways, she's had a cancerous tumor in her head for about a year and a half now, which is much longer than people with cancer usually live with. Although, yesterday, I found out that my mom has about 6-8 weeks left to live.

Unfortunately the most powerful type of chemotherapy isn't working, and the tumor is too big for them to remove so it will continue to grow. It's in a part of her brain that if they were to remove it, she wouldn't be able to walk, or talk, or even eat so it would actually be worse than dying.

For the past year, I've not worried about her ever dying, mostly because before I didn't like to think like that. Until now I was not concerned about that, but I finally had to face the truth. It hit me really hard at first, and my parents asked me if I was scared. I said no, just the thing is that I don't want my mom to be gone. I want her to be proud of me when I accomplish things, I wanted her to see me graduate, I wanted her to be there when I get married and I wanted her to be a grandmother to my children. My mom was supposed to live so much longer, she's only 55 and she doesn't deserve to go.

The whole point of this blog post is to vent about my situation, as well as make a point that no one should ever take anything for granted. We may expect food, fresh air, shelter etc. but many people do not have those things. Some people don't have parents, a mom or dad. so please, just go and tell your parents how much you love and appreciate them, say thanks for everything, thanks for taking care of you when you're sick and thanks for picking you up when you're at rock bottom because they won't be there one day.

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  1. beachgirl's Avatar
    I am sorry to read this. But, at least you and your family would have time to say good bye, and show her how much you love her. She would probably not want you to mourn her death so much, and would love to see you be happy in the future.

    Maybe do something really nice for your mom to make her happy, and make a video. Have you seen the bucket list movie? That's a really good movie about 2 patients with cancer, and they lived their life before they died. When you know that you are dying, the best thing to do is make the last days of your life the best days of your life. You could live a long life and do nothing. Or live a short life, and have an extraordinary life.

    I could not begin to understand how much pain you and your family are going through. I just hope you guys have the best weeks left. Take full advantage of it. Those memories will help you when she's gone.
  2. Tasslehoff's Avatar
    Oh my god, Delaney(Sonny? Can I use your name??)! That's terrible. I feel so bad for you and your family.
    I bet your mom was an amazing person, it sure sounds like it form your blog posts. </3

    And if you ever want to talk, you can always send me a message! I'll always try my hardest to cheer you up. (;
  3. ivygps1's Avatar
    By your being happy she will be Happy !Try to enjoy as many moments as you can !
    I am!
    In time memories will be wonderful , That may seem hard to believe now! Sounds odd yes maybe . But be as strong as you possible can ! Time does heal !
    Best Wishes Friend !

  4. David Runner's Avatar
    Even though your in a rough time right now always keep your head up! Tomorrow is a better day then today! Blessing to you and family!
    Stay Strong!
    - David Runner!
  5. Jasmine FireBlade's Avatar
    I feel truly bad for you, and offer my deepest sympathies. A while back, my grandma had also died of cancer and various other illnesses, and I too, have feared her dying.

    I can relate to you, probably. If you need to vent and have nowhere else to go, I'm here, and my PM box is always open. I wish you the best of luck.