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Wizardversary '14

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So, today is my Wizardversary. That means I'm officially a Wizard101 player for 5 years. The year went by so quickly that I just realized that this day was even coming!

I looked at my email this morning to find a gift from KingsIsle--a code for a random elixir! It's either going to be a Gold Boost, Health, or a shiny Energy elixir! I can't wait to get home to find out what it is! Thanks KI for this sweet gift! ;D

I guess now I will list a highlight of what has happened in the Spiral in the past year!

  • KI compensated many players with 30k crowns who were affected by the Azteca glitch--where doors and teleporters were inaccessible after completing the story.
  • Surprise, surprise! I got open chat!
  • Met Mason (24601), Andrea Sparkleblade and several other fellow Centralers in the Spiral.
  • Hairstyles are added in the Spiral.
  • 3 of my best menu-chat friends have said their first text chat message! :D
  • Aquila comes to Wizard101! Crowd: "Yay!" And we have to pay 4k per area! Crowd: "WHAT!?" *Some days later* KI has answered to the high pricing and they've changed it! Crowd: "Yay!" But only by 1500 for Mount Olympus and 700 for Atlantea. Tartarus is still the same. Crowd: "NO!" On the bright side, you can rent the areas! Crowd: *crickets chirping* (Worst update ever for Crowns players)
  • On the bright side of the same update, Loremaster! And at this time I've received Loremaster, Luminous Weaver, Winter Moon, Krampus, and more? Can't remember at the moment XD
  • The mysterious Khrysalis is unveiled and the Council of Light assembles to stop Morganthe's Celestial Choir.
  • Housing tours are added to show off to the community. I'm lovin' it!
  • Some of my old '09 friends have returned to the Spiral! Can't wait to play with them during the summer!
  • Last but not least, the Council of Light's secret agent Allan Ghostdust has ventured into Khrysalis's Bastion to give his fellow classmates the long awaited fourth potion! Unfortunately, our friend passed away on January 2nd of this year onto the next realm of life. He may have left our world, but he still lives on in our memories. His light will shine forever brightly on our quest towards stopping the Umbra legion. Rest in peace, young wizard! Say hello to Lady Stormrider for us!

Phooey! That's a lot! I wish I had a journal to list all of these things to save up the trouble of remembering them all!

I can't wait for the things that will come for this year. Khrysalis will call the hero wizards to return to aid the Burrowers in taking down Morganthe's army. What warlords await for us? What shadow spells will we discover? Will we save the Spiral on time or will we meet our own demise? I'm sharpening up blade, polishing my armor, and stocking up on bug repellant to get ready for this finale. Who knows what Morganthe has in store for us...

Well, this is a great way to celebrate my Wizardversary. It is time to return to my sanctuary and watch out for ninja pig activity. I hope everyone's having a nice ninja bacon-free Friday! See ya in the Spiral!

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