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How do YOU quest?

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My response in Sabri's "How do YOU quest?" thread found here.

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Well for me I strap on gear with the most universal resistance--my full Jade Gear set--and equip athames and rings that provide the big incoming heal boosts. I use my Ice Elf who has 13% spell proof and defy and a little Sharp Shot bonus. The wand I use varies by the school of the mobs I'm facing.

I quest whenever I feel like it--specifically when I am not expecting to do anything irl for about a couple of hours. I don't like to be rushed and take my time so I can read and listen to the storyline. I turn on the Invisible to Friends setting so that I don't get people calling me to help with dungeons that I haven't reached yet, at least when I'm the only behind in the new world.

My spell deck as of Khrysalis contains Medusa, Basilisk, Celestial Calendar, Vassanji, Pixies, all my Myth/Spirit blades and traps, Reliquary, Fortify, Shatter, and that's probably all. My sideboard is stocked with Satyrs, Sacrifices, reshuffles, Gargantuan, and various other TCs.

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm built for solo play. I take out enemies one by one with single attacks only. And--when I need to conserve my buffs for a boss--I just throw out any unbuffed attacks (usually Medusas and Basilisks) onto the mob(s) until they are down. If I really want to save all my cards, I send out Vassanji and let him do all the damaging to soften up my enemies. I always stock up on Sacrifices for when the mobs use some kind of negative charms on me so I can take advantage of those (and my large resistance) to receive more health with little cost.

I think that's all I can say about my way of questing.

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