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Sarah's Valentine's Day Lust

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Well, that holiday is finally gone. Yesterday I've been at home since I didn't have class to attend. I played a bit in W101, hanging out with Mason (24601) for a bit then farmed some bosses for dress up a mannequin into Malorn Ashthorn.

Yeah, I was lonely enough to start dressing mannequins into NPCs in my home XD It has been awfully quiet in W101, everybody's at school and work celebrating with candy grams and whatnot. Tried to play The Sims 3 for a bit only to have it crash on me (there goes my plans to take Malorn on a date, and yes I made him in The Sims too lol)

Okay, I think I'm obsessed with Malorn. He's just an NPC but he's so calm and...charming. Chuuu! I can already see him swooning behind me in my presence. Of all those times he tried to invite me for Valentine's, he has my heart now. He's in my mind, he's in my drawings--oh my frog! Frollo's song is playing in my head! I'm blushing so hard right now, I want to laugh! X:

I must go. I go do homework.


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