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Made it onto the Leaderboard!

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My Thieves' Paradise (aka Sultan's Palace) got placed #94 on the Leaderboard this evening. This home was once featured in Fawne's Wizard Weekly for its brightly colored gardens and homemade chandeliers, and today it finally saw the spotlight once again. I feel so happy today! I want to thank all the young Wizards who took the time to visit my home! :D

This achievement has encouraged me to place more of my castles up for tours so others can see more of my work. But right now I have limited time to concentrate on the projects I've already started, but surely by summer I'll get a couple of castles done. Also I might post my Thieves' Paradise in the Hey! Come See My House! forum so everyone on Central can see it.

Escapist, out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Rose
    Home made chandeliers? I think I was at your house. I didnt know it was on the bored because i was taken there randomly lol. Does it have a stage?
    Yes. It had a theater and some mannequin actors outside of that room.