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Its been ages :D

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Why hello there =3 I am back from my sort of break I took. It was due to Azteca quest just being TOO boring for me plus the addition of school. Its been a pretty tough year school wise and I just couldnt keep up with the game and school.
Any ways :D I feel almost as if I am starting over on central. Before my small break I had noticed that the people that I knew when I started who were like the central "famous" were leaving or just not posting and such. But now I only have a few friends in game who are on central. Like two.... so in a way this return from the break is like starting over. I know nobody on central personally, with the exception of ~Justin~ and Nelsonette, so I am making it my goal to make new central friends! Yay! So exciting.

ANYWAYS.... thats about it. I am hoping that this new start is a successful one and I actually accomplish my goal of making new friends from central.
See ya later,

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