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Cover help! You decide & VOTE!

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I have a book called Shadowed. It is completed, but now I need a cover for its sequel, Darkened. I'll put up Shadowed's cover and then all the candidates for Darkened. PLEASE HELP AND TELL ME WHICH ONE LOOKS THE BEST!

Name:  4491624-256-k781228.jpg
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Size:  31.4 KB <-- This is the cover for Shadowed. The below are the "candidates" for Darkened

1. Name:  Darkened.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  54.0 KB 2. Name:  Another Darkened...x.x.jpg
Views: 24
Size:  23.3 KB 3. Name:  DARKENED??.jpg
Views: 23
Size:  81.3 KB
Please help me and comment which you think is best!

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  1. killerbody123's Avatar
    the first one is so good i see it looks good with the name darkened
  2. 4phyllis64's Avatar
    I like # 3. It is the most mysterious looking of all of them. Hope this helps you.