Wizard City Protector Mom, a Letter to Kings Isle

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Update: The current state of the Commons and most other high traffic F2P areas is improved since I wrote this letter. Although some problem spots remain, the appearance of Hall Monitors over the past couple of weeks has been a generally good influence. I find myself spending much less time stuck in the Commons due to constantly stopping to ignore and report undesirable language/behavior. I suppose some of that can be attributed to the updates to the chat filters, which were pretty extensive and effective. LOL, I even learned that "soaks" is in red font in the chat box. I wonder of derp is allowed?

I'm pretty happy with the state of the Spiral at the moment, and I'm looking forward to playing through April of 2014.

Thanks to Kings Isle and concerned players and player groups who have been so diligent in informing wizards of the ToU, reminding them of polite public behavior, and presenting excellent role models for young wizards to emulate. ISW, October 10, 2013


Dear Ravenwood Professors and Administrators,

I am saddened to inform you that I may not re-enroll any of my wizards for the Spring Semester. Although I have been a diligent student of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts for nearly 4 years now, and I have faithfully applied myself to my studies in Theurgy, Sorcery, Pyromancy, Necromancy, Divination, and Conjury, I currently find the Ravenwood campus and Wizard City proper to be unsafe for myself, my family, and other young wizards who study at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts.

My recent travels in the Wizard City Commons, Ravenwood School Towers, and Wizard City Dye Shop, yield unhappy examples of the current safety crisis in the Great Spiral. In particular, these locations illustrate that low level wizards are the primary cause of inappropriate behavior in the Spiral. In my experience, those wizards who are most egregious in their poor behavior are free-to-play and/or alternate wizards of higher level players, often high ranking PvPers. These wizards congregate in free areas of the game, and they are not intent on learning the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts curriculum.

Last summer, I read a forum post in which someone mentioned a terrible verbal encounter in-game. As a concerned member of the wizarding community, I was curious to follow up and see first hand what was happening. I have written about this in previous posts. What followed was a week of observing this constant barrage of inappropriate behavior and language, and my first serious impulses to report those transgressions. There were so many of them that it was impossible to keep up with the chat. I observed that they were unphased by being reported, and they were even inspired to increase the negative behavior. After many wizards started monitoring the Commons, these trouble makers moved to the various school towers in Ravenwood and the Wizard City Dye Shop.

I was shocked and dismayed to learn that there were inappropriate simulations taking place in the Life tower. I subsequently learned that these events were well established, well known, and well attended. While observing and reporting in the Life Tower, I learned that the WC Dye Shop housed similar group behaviors.

Although some good progress was made with implementation of the Hall Monitor's program last fall, that progress is slipping away. As the Spiral draws new players from defunct, formerly popular games, the common areas are increasingly crowded with players who are ignorant of the Terms of Use, who do not seem to know that they are in an E10 environment, and who see little to no evidence of in-game moderation. This problem will continue to pollute the environs of the Spiral and, again, endanger the safety of children and adults who inhabit Wizard City.

The faculty of our esteemed institution have YET AGAIN neglected to educate the students in vital areas of learning such as: rules, good behavior, expectations for interaction, clear penalties for transgressions. My research has led me to understand that Wizard 101 is lacking one of the most important documents of an online game or social environment: A Code of Conduct, a set of Community Standards. This is a serious problem for our esteemed professors to address, one that requires focus on some essential deficiencies:

  • Absence of official in-game moderators
  • Ineffective sanctions for egregious behaviors
  • Lack of community standards common to the MMORPG industry
  • Weak delivery of the existing Terms of Use and in-game rules
  • Insufficient sanctions for multiple levels of inappropriate behavior

In effect, we have been left alone on campus to fend for ourselves. As with any park or playground left unsupervised, the depraved, indecent, and mean elements of the group have grown in status and become entrenched in the environment. The Spiral has become a place known to house established “avoid me” areas and realms due to unseemly behaviours and lack of moderator presence in the game environment. Some wizards claim ignorance of any rules of conduct, and they are aggressive in their insistence that they are not doing anything wrong.

As a wizarding parent, I am horrified by what I have seen and experienced over the past year and a half. I simply cannot accept the claim that W101 is family friendly, an online game where wizards can play without undue concern. Our game is riddled with groups of people who are in the environment for reasons entirely separate from playing the game. My mommy alarms are ringing loudly; who are some of these people? Are they adults? Are they children? Why are predators inhabiting our fair campus and city? Where are the wizards charged with campus safety?

I am reluctant to end my studies at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. During well over 4,000 hours of study, I have so thoroughly enjoyed the company of my good friends and family in-game. I have been inspired to achieve maximum fiero as often as possible, I have been swept away by the wondrous flow that is the energy of the Great Spiral. My epic journey is not yet complete, yet I will be forced to un-enroll from this institution if our professors and the Administrators do not address the current troubles on our campus and its environs. Until that time, I remain a lady wizard who feels unsafe in the Spiral.

I ask that the Administration provide on-campus security and rapid sanctions for misconduct, as proof to wayward wizards that such behavior will not be tolerated.

I Remain Respectfully-yet-Uncertainly Yours,

Iridian Shadowweaver
Promethean Theurgist, Sister of the Spiral Coven, Wizard City Protector

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  1. IridianShadowweaver's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 4phyllis64
    I have renewed but have encountered these same situations. I feel most of them are adults or young men. They try to pursue players asking "if you will be their girl friend" among other very personal questions. The language is rude at times and totaling disgusting. Do they really talk to their Mothers that way. I wish Wizard 101 would seriously punish they people. I would say drop them form W101 but they won't, because they are making money on them. The big picture will not loose money. This problem will continue. I have posted on this before; but not as good as you did. Thanks Wizard City Protector Mom. Phyllis
    Hi Phyllis,

    Yes, it is a difficult situation, made more so by a lack of official response early enough to send a message of no tolerance. I don't think Kings Isle had a clear idea of how young people respond to a lack of supervision on the playground, lol. I think they genuinely thought the wonders of the Spiral would be distraction enough to keep everyone busy. Unfortunately, the F2P thing got out of hand quickly, and KI seemingly wasn't prepared to deal with the epidemic of Potty-mouth Disease. I too am disturbed by the predatory behaviors I have seen in the past year of observation and reporting. And I agree with you that there are some young men and women who are not in the Spiral for any good purpose. It's times like this that I'm glad my children are male, and that they have moved on to Minecraft and highly moderated private servers. Too bad we can't manage our own servers in the Spiral...

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you will join our Wizard City Protectors' group, if you haven't already.

    Happy Day :D
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    We would love to welcome you to the group. Follow this link:

    PM Mr. Flibbles for an invite to the group. She will forward an invite to join

    I'll look for you there. Post a quick hello in our forum.